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About Cappadocia and Products in Cappadocia


CAPPADOCIA is one of the door to the world of Turkey.Even if Most of people in Turkey don’t know about Cappadocia and its touristic places,culture,importance,This area is very famous in the world and The people from all of the world visit to Cappadocia years by years. It is really unique place and settled in the Anatolia (in the middle of Turkey) and five cities (Nevşehir,Kayseri,Niğde,Aksaray,Kırşehir) includes about 300 km2.

We know that the name of Cappadocia comes from Persians. Persians Romes were fighting to get the lands of the Anatolia. During war time between these two empires, when the Persians got the lands here, they were gaining a lot of horses and taking them to themselves as a booty. There were a lot of horse farms in the area and Persians had named the area ‘KAPPA TUKA’.Kappatuka means ‘the beautiful horses country’. This name is changed with Latin language by the Romes and Byzantines as CAPPADOCIA.

This beautiful horses country has occurred by the lavs which three mountain filled it millions years ago.Later, the weather and seasons are effected the soft and hard rocks formations and made them very strange shapes,for instance ‘fairychimneys’. Each population which is lived here are made digging into the rock formations to live inside because of three main reasons:
1-The caves are warm in the winters and cool in the summers.
2-It was easy to make a building than make it outside area.
3-It makes safe as a feeling and to be healthy and keeps the foods fresh for a long time.

But it was only beginning to make holes in the rock formations.A lot of population are lived in that area and also it was one of the part of the silk way. Wars, Fighting, Spoiling and Chaos have occurred very often.The local people
had found out to make more caves especially small underground cities and connected each city to the another by the tunnels.
The products produced in the Cappadocia are appeared in these situations.
Cappadocia Products:
1-Agricultural (The minerals in the area are very quality because of the volcanic soil structures)
2-Carpet-Kilim-Rugs (It comes from the Turkish and Persian Culture)
3-Potteries (There are a lot of red color and oily soils near the red river side)
4-Ceramics (The raw materials are also collected from the area)
5-Precious Stones (There are no mines in the area for precious but the precious stones (marble,turquoise etc.) come from the other areas with carved or without carved. The Manufacturers are made with these stones rings,bracelets,pendants etc.)
6-Small crafts (The Local people especially women are made at home and sell in the center of the visiting areas' centers in the small shops or outsets).

The products we have mentioned above are get increased day by day because of visiting tourist in Cappadocia. Most of the tourists are came to the Cappadocia to purchase the Cappadocian Products only.At the same time the visitors are experienced the enchanted ambiance of the Cappadocia. This shopping spree is a type of fashion recently among the people in all of the world.

There are for tens workshops for the rugs,potteries,ceramics,precious and small crafts. The workshops and the shops of the products we have mentioned above are separately and it is the reason of our category in the website.

We can say about the agricultural products in the area that Farming is made mainly for following plants:
Grape,apricot,apple,wheat,potato,barley,almond,walnut,watermelon,melon,strawberry,green paper, cucumber,tomato,eggplant,corn,beans,cherry etc. The products more than others is grape and it is planted for two reason, 1-wines and 2-molasses.
About % 100 of the products in Cappadocia are natural.(non GDO).If your way one day to fall in Cappadocia and if you eat a tomato there you will feel the natural test and smell of it that you have missed already. The area is suitable for the ecological agriculture but still wait for to improve.

If we cut the long story short, we present in our website with easy menu to get the products which is already manufactured in the Cappadocia as 4 categories like Rugs,Ceramics,Potteries,Precious without coming to Cappadocia.In addition, if you already have come to Cappadocia and could not purchase something that you had liked, so it will be chance for you to get it easily.

You can see 4 categories above to purchase the products with the explanations,videos,articles,expertise reviews and feedbacks from the customers. The propose of the creating this website is not only selling the products also we would like you to get free information about all Cappadocia and arts.

If you have already some information about Cappadocia and its products you will see that our website was created really easy step by step explanations and links with reasonable categories and menu bars.

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